December 29, 2009

Happy New Year

I am sensing that NO ONE actually reads this. I am considering stopping this blog even though I do like to write once in a while. I'll keep you posted...even if you're not looking. : )

Happy New Year! Hopefully, I be back for more.

December 9, 2009


Pray for us! We are so behind with money right now. We completely need a breakthrough financially and I am asking for prayers! : ) Thanks all!

November 17, 2009

Cool cookies!

I am truly needing a purpose for this blog...a direction...a reason for people to read. I'm feeling like Julie from the movie Julie & Julia. Why does anyone want to read this? I really do need a goal for my time.

Until I find one, please don't be bored silly by ideas (or lack thereof).

I do want to let everyone know about Just today she posted a completely cool "girly" idea for a party treat. High heeled "sassy" cookies. Check those out!

November 14, 2009


Enough said. :^\

October 29, 2009

October 27, 2009


I have a dilemma. I really think it would be amazingly fun to own/operate a quilt store, but I am not completely sure if I should go forward with all guns blazing to actually make this happen! I know I am letting fear of the unknown get the best of me, but this is my financial future as well. Any suggestions anyone??? I am very afraid I don't know enough about quilting or business management to actually do this. Number 2, I like my job at the bank and hate to think I'd give that up sometime if my business goes well. Number 3, the security of a paycheck is really nice! Number 4, where do my girls go while I am supposed to be running a store? My list can go on and on, but in the end I still come back to...but should I try???? : )

HELP!!! (Especially financially if you can. : ))

I have taken a first step in moving toward this goal, by the way. Larry and I went to look at a building for sale on Harvey's main street. The building would be really quite cute if painted, etc. The overhead costs seems quite reasonable for the property, and I have talked to a loan officer/friend at the bank for advice. I even made a phone call today to a lady in another town (I don't know her at all...just a random call.) to ask questions about starting a business. SEE! I am quite serious but not sure enough of myself serious!!! Ugh!!!

October 15, 2009


I just loved this picture of the girls playing a game with cousin Amy. The laughing girl, Sierra, is now 3! I'll have to get my pictures of her party on here too if I get time later.
I am freshly returned from my trip to Wichita to visit college friends. We had a great time wandering Hillsboro checking out the new things at the school. They've added some new buildings that are incredibly nice. Way better than when we were there! It'd be fun to be in college again and living in the nice girls' dorm they've put up, a very nice condo style building.
Jenni and I also visited Yoder, KS to take in the shops they have there. Yoder is a very small Amish community, but it has tremendous businesses! I'd recommend a visit to this town to anyone who likes the simple pleasures of life. There is a quilt shop (what more could you want to see?), a couple of gift shops and variety stores, a photographer's gallery, a bakery, a meat shop, a bulk food store, a furniture store, and others! You can top off your visit by eating at Carriage Crossing Restaurant. They serve food up family style if you wish. The whole community is just really neat to see. It completely amazes me that a town with probably fewer than 100 people (if's not even listed on the map!) can have this great a business community. They are really making the most of the heritage and history in their people and land. So cool! They do have a website I guess. It's Check them out!
The highlight of my weekend was, of course, the gathering of the girls (and some guys too) for a night of conversation and reminiscing. I so miss my friends! I sure wish I lived closer and could hang out with them more often. We all have scattered somewhat, but most of the girls live in the Kansas/Oklahoma area. Too bad I can't convince Larry to move to Kansas. : ( But...we did have a super time, and I have been so blessed to have wonderful friends that share the same faith and heritage with me. Even though we lead different lives now, some things are so much the same for us. We all struggle with similar issues, and it is a huge comfort to be able to talk and laugh about all those things collectively. Thank you, God, for my Tabor friends!

September 30, 2009

Possible Christmas picture?

Here's the latest of Larry's crazes...vintage snowmobiles. It is a good thing, I know, that he has a hobby and a passion...other than that he doesn't seem to be able to pull away from his passions to spend time with the family once in a while. I do try to be somewhat encouraging and share his excitement for the old sleds, but they really do just seem like crappy old junk to me. (Sorry, Lar)

Anyway, his latest goal has been to turn our grain elevator office into his own office/workshop since it is heated, and he could work out there through the winter. order to make his workship feel like home, he ordered pictures to be taken of the girls and us to decorate his walls. Awww, how cute! : ) Here is one of those pictures taken by Amy, our niece.

September 24, 2009

So fun!

I had a fun idea come to me at work today...Larry and I need to have another theme party this fall. Last year we had a vintage themed birthday party for Larry. That was so fun that I've decided a really cool one would be a Roaring 20's party! How cool would that be???? The ladies would wear their flapper dresses, headgear, and drink flask on their legs. The guys would wear their gangster gear of hats, zoot suits, and a machine gun. I can just picture it. The problem always comes with getting the idea to match the reality. I will, of course, use the assistance of my sister-in-law to help with the decorations so that this can turn out really cool.

By the way, if you're reading're invited! Keep an eye out for the mail, my friends. You should see an invitation coming. We'll have a great time!

Begin thinking speakeasies, silent movies, ragtime...Hee hee!

September 21, 2009


I must write once again...I'm sure you've noticed there is no picture to match the cute spiderweb cupcakes Hannah took to school. As I am not known for my patience, I gave up trying to figure out why my camera just plain stopped downloading the pictures to my computer. Maybe I'll get up the energy to try that again someday soon. The cupcakes really were cute! It may well be worth my time to sit at this blasted computer for yet another hour of my life just to show you.

Speaking of whiche, have you noticed how utterly addicted so many people are to their technology???? It's almost sad how many people cannot go a full 15-minute stretch without checking if someone sent them a text. What could possibly be SO important???? We would have all out panic and mania if cell companies would shut down. I mean, please, who is so incredibly important as to need their phone every minute of the day?! There are also people who must check Facebook every 15 minutes in between their cell fixes. Gone are the days of simply being...and not "worrying" if someone has tried to reach us. It used to be that people did not want to be reached. They go on little get aways, sans phones! I'm probably one of the most irritating people to my family because I actually do leave my phone in the car almost always. The way I see it, I've gone to Minot, Bismarck, etc. to get away and do something. I don't want to be bothered some more. I know...people might need something important. Right. When was the last real emergency on your phone???? : )

OK, enough ranting and raving. I'm off to dreamland I hope. I am pretty sure I could just get fired from my MT job. I only did an hour of work tonight. I'm just too worn out. (OK...then why are you up typing on a blog site?) Enough said. Good night all!

September 11, 2009

The first "official" snack

Today is the first time Hannah had to take snacks for her kindergarten class milk break. We saw a picture of spiderweb cupcakes in Country Living magazine, and she just had to have those for her class. It was actually pretty easy once I figured out what equipment worked best for making the webs. The cupcakes were just plain old cake mix, so you can't get much easier there. Ta da!

(My camera was not cooperating when I wrote this...picture to follow!)

August 31, 2009

Beth Moore event

I got to go to a Beth Moore simulcast last weekend on Friday night and Saturday morning, and she was once again a wonderful breath of fresh air and lots of learning! So many times I wish I could broadcast her messages to my family, friends...everyone! There is so much to learn from God's word, and she makes it all so much fun and lively. (We do cry a bit too...)

The weekend's theme was about understanding and getting our heart's desires. Her 7 main points were as follows:

1. Nothing dictates our lives like our desires.
- A legitimate heart's desire is a sustained longing that is unaffected by our mood or our

2. Beneath the desires of our heart is the heart of our desires.

3. Delighting in God adapts our desires into inevitabilities.
- Pray God grants me a heart that delights in Him!

4. Nothing external can steal our right to delight.
- There are 3 things that we certainly do allow to steal our joy/delight, however. The acronym
she used was JAW. When things start to chewing on you, look at your own JAW -- the why
behind why you are not "delighted."

J: Jealousy - comes from a heart of insecurity
- It is desire tinged with resentment.

A: Anger - Really a fear of no control -- brings out resentment and distance in relationships
- Polar opposite of delight/pleasure
- The problem is NOT about them (the other person); it's about YOU!!!!

W: Worry

5. To make room for delight we have to commit (to change, to seeking God, etc.)

6. Nothing is passive about patiently waiting for desire to turn into delight.
- God has a reason He has not given you your heart's desire....YET.

7. Until faith becomes sight, trust God and do GOOD.
- Not "right" but GOOD.

I could go on and on, but these are the main points. So powerful.

August 19, 2009

Fall and stuff...

Boy, does it feel like fall is in the air! It is about 9:00 p.m. and already darkness has set in. I sure like the longer days of summer and wish they would last longer than they do. I do need to remind myself that we are very lucky in the north that we get these longer days since the southern states do not have this period of time where the days are this long. BUT...(notice the BIG one...) we lose all of the advantages of our long days when the winter hits us so long and hard. I'd trade shorter days for a longer summer for sure!

One nice thing about the end of summer is the easier time of getting kids to bed though. It's sure easier to convince a 5-year-old that she should hit the sheets when it is dark out than when the sun is still blazing. Can you tell I'm trying to find the benefits of losing summer yet???? : )

A goal I have this fall/early winter is to begin spending more regular or scheduled time with God and in exercise. You'd think I'd have had so much more time in the summer to do so, but NO! Maybe with the setting in of a routine during the school year, I'll actually make time more easily to do some of the things I'd like to do. My plan is to join the intramural volleyball team and then also set a time each day for just reading the Word. Keep me accountable folks! I'm going to give it a good try!

August 15, 2009


I just watched part of the FOX News show Glenn Beck and was very enlightened about the associations our President keeps. I know the country is abuzz over the healthcare industry rehab that is indeed needed, but everyone PLEASE listen up over what President Obama's core values are and the associations/advisors he keeps. This is truly a scary path our country is taking! If you can find archives of the Glenn Beck show from Saturday, August 15, please watch! I have never been so on fire about political and social issues as I am since Mr. Obama took office. I am utterly amazed at how quickly he has been able to "change" (his campaign slogan) this nation's laws. I have even contacted my own state Senators about the healthcare issue, and I am now seeing how crucial it is for EVERYONE to write, email, or call these people and express ourselves. They WILL NOT just do the right thing. They will do what gets them the job another term or earns them buddies in Washington. It's a far different world there than in the rest of the US. Don't assume anything. CONTACT them! : )

Of course, you may agree with his policies and beliefs. That is your choice, for sure. Please think through these issues very carefully, however, and logically conclude what happens to our nation as it is on its current course.

On a lighter note... : ) School is only 11 days away! Hannah begins kindergarten this year, and she is so very excited! I am also getting excited for the event just getting her ready with school clothes and supplies. Wouldn't it be fun to get that same joy and excitement about our days again?

Jae, of course, says she does not want school to start, but I am quite certain she is bored and ready to see her friends on a daily basis. I know I'm ready for the more organized home schedule that school seems to bring. Funny how all mothers are ready for school by August 15 but not kids! Hmmmm....

I am excited for a Beth Moore event that I'm planning to go to on August 28 and 29. She is so good to hear, and God truly uses her in awesome ways. I have no idea what the topic if the conference is, but I just know it will be good. If anyone else is interested it is being held in Carrington, ND at a Baptist church there. (I'm not sure of the name yet.) I can certainly get you lined up to go to it too if you wish. Just get in touch with me! She is not there live in person, however. This is just a teleconference, and it is of free will donation to those attending.

Off for now! Great day all!!!!

June 21, 2009

I wait too long!!!!

Oh goodness!!! I just simply wait too long to sit down and write! I don't know why I can't simply make it a matter of spending 10 minutes a week and then this would be updated and current....oh well.

Goodness sakes, what has taken place in the last four weeks? Well, of course, more than I'll put in just tonight! I am back at work online after a blissful week off! I really did not miss sitting still for four hours a day, even though the learning that takes place on the job really is fun. I am putting in more hours at work at the bank too since we have some people taking days off for holidays, vacations, business trips, and maternity leave. The extra money will sure be nice, but with the time on the computer at night, I'm anticipating a bit more STRESS!!!! : )

One exciting thing we just got is a BRAND NEW CAR! My dad bought Larry and I a new 2009 Chevy Aveo. He just wanted to something nice for us, feeling a bit sorry for us, albeit. We really do appreciate the car. It will be much too small for the whole family to travel in together, but I am using it now to go back and forth to work in order to use less gas and save some money. It has its downfalls we are finding out--there is no air conditioning being the biggest thing. It is extremely hot inside on these warm summer days. Since we live on gravel, we can't really keep the windows open for the whole trip home either since the dust just blows in and makes a big mess, not to mention crappy breathing. But...we'll survive. After all, we only have about 60 warm days a year in ND anyway. (OK, I'm being sarcastic.) We don't have a CD/tape player or cruise control in the car either, but unless we go very long distances that will be fine too. THANK YOU DAD!!!!

All of the girls are now home again as of tonight. Hannah and Sierra were in Fargo with Lisa, Amy, and Destiny and Jae had been at camp. Our house was very quiet with just Maci running around. The minute the two little girls got back, our world got much noisier! Larry was commenting though last night that while we wish for a break from the girls/noise, when they were gone...we missed them! It is really nice to hear the giggles, squeals, and even screams outside this door right now. There is just a peacefulness about it, like all is well with the world right now. My girls are a true blessing even when I don't feel like they are somedays. Shame on me!

Well, off to finish my last hour of work. Busy week starts right now!

Wells County Fair -- Fessenden, ND June 25-28, 2009.

May 20, 2009


I'm touching base with everyone just so you don't think I'm lost for a month again. I am writing this late at night, as you can see, and I'm really quite tired tonight. I think I'll work another half hour or so and then head to bed. I've got some time to make up for being so lazy these last couple of days, but I guess I do have a few more days in the week to much for getting ahead in my house cleaning!

I got to mow the lawn for the first time this year just yesterday. The wind was wild, but I got the job done. Our yard is still about 45% to 55% under water. The great thing about that cuts down on my mowing time!!!! No more 6-7 hour day of mowing right now. I got it done in just 3, I think. That's really kind of nice.

The down side to the water, however, is that I am unable to get into my garden spot and plant a garden : (, which I really wanted to do this year too. All winter I really had been quite excited about having fresh corn, potatoes, peppers, and such. I wanted to try growing brussels sprouts for the first time. I even had the really wild idea of selling some vegetables at the local farmers market. Alas, maybe I'll get some last minute things in the ground by June 1st if, by great chance, the ground dries up. It really is not looking hopeful since the water is of about 3 to 4 inches in depth still. Again....there is an upside in the fact that I will have less work this summer. Woo Hoo!!! Maybe I'll just lay on a hammock all summer having my girls peel me grapes. : )

Yeah, I'll keep you posted on that!!!

May 5, 2009


How can it be that I only seem to get here just once a month??? I really do have good intentions, but things come up. : )

This weekend is Jae's 13th birthday party and of course Lisa will do the honors. My kids just would not have the b-day parties they have without her, and I am thankful! The theme is Superchick -- a rock star party with music, makeup, and loud, screamy girls. I'll have to fill you in more after the event takes place on Friday evening. Only one will be spending the night because I'm not completely stupid you know! : ) That would be just plain torture if 8 girls were here in one night.

A bit of stress again this week as I face the bills. I just sometimes feel like we'll never get over this financial hurdle. It just stinks when there are so many things we need (and want of course) but cannot buy right now. We had extra expenses with buying flood related things and from Sierra's IVP/VCUG. Always the one step forward and two steps back game for us. Do you ever just feel like God's not really caring about it? I know that's not true, but it sure seems like we are abandoned in the financial sense most times. I've been asking if there is something I'm supposed to be seeing, hearing, learning from all of this. We'll see what's to come. It's day by day, I guess.

My other dragon to slay...weight. I'm very discouraged by the usual battle of being overweight lately. I just can't seem t0 make any progress and I've certainly begun...OK, already did...give up.

Well, what a bundle of joy I am today! It's OK. We've been having lessons about being real to people and to God in Sunday school and in church, so I guess this is as real as it gets. I'm bummed about several things. Things will get better...I hope and am fairly certain. "Cheer up, for I have overcome the world!"

"Oh, that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for." Job 6:7-9

April 16, 2009

Odd times

It seems that things are really odd this year...this season. Just a few weeks back we were praying for Fargo to survive the flood taking place in the city, now it just happens that we have flooding here in Harvey too! I have never seen the amount of water flowing through the Sheyenne River like it is right now. Our very own yard had to be sandbagged too in order to hold back the water that seemed to be just coming up from the ground! We literally watched the water gurgle up like a freshwater spring. The house is OK and dry, but we sure do have tons of water in our yard.

Also, my condolences to the residents of Fessenden, ND. A fire destroyed two businesses on Main Street this evening and this will surely hurt the little town economically. It's just sad to see the little towns start to die off when bad things like this happen. It seems almost inevitable, but then again, maybe a new and exciting thing will come from it, similar to what happened for Krahler's Parts and Service. They fell to fire as well but now have a new location and a better business. God has plans!

March 30, 2009

Party pictures

The little angel in tutu!

More of the table...

This smile's the best! So excited for the party!
The guest of honor!

Guest Ashton's place setting. I think his mom was happy to see pink for once since there are all boys in her family. The guys just had to put up with the frilly stuff for the afternoon. They didn't seem to mind.

The beautiful table setting for Maci's birthday. Thanks to Lisa I get to have these cool decorations for my kids' special events! I certainly don't have this in me!

A birthday at our house!

Yippee! A first birthday at our house! Maci's official birthday is April 2nd, but we celebrated yesterday with a springtime bash full of dragonflies, flowers, tutus, and cake. It was a lot of fun. Her guests were mom, dad, Grandpa and Grandma Reimche, Auntie Lisa, Chad, Kali, Evan, Ashton, and Shaun.

Maci's such a sweetheart of a girl. You just don't see much fuss from her at all. She's a smiler, for sure! I can't even imagine what we'd do without her. Funny how we didn't know how we'd survive with her just one short year ago. God knows what he's doing! She's so precious.

March 17, 2009

Any great thoughts?

I wanted to come up with some really deep philosophical topic this evening but, alas, I have no thoughts in my head at the moment. I am currently awaiting tech support for my transcription job, and the lady who said she would call right back has not called back in over 1 hour now. Sigh....

You know, I guess I could do the stream of consciousness type of writing where I just keep writing exactly what comes to my mind at the moment. Right now I am reminded of the national news story of the AIG execs who are being given millions of dollars in bonus pay. While the entire nation is in an uproar about AIG paying that money back, how about just saying to the people who are GETTING the money..."Hey, don't you think it's a bit criminal of you to even consider taking the money considering it's bankrupting your company as costing the taxpayers as well?" Just a thought. No one seems to be thinking the recipients of the money have any say in this matter. No, I would not want to give up my bonus either but, you know, if it is millions of dollars, I really think I could say that I'd be willing to take significantly less or delay the pay until a time when the business could actually afford it. Stellar thinking, I must say. I don't imagine we'll hear of any one of the recipients of the bonuses ever speak those words.

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better here in ND! I've nearly gone without a coat for most of the last few days. Hallelujah!

Oh! A call is coming in...I can go to be early! The tech department cannot locate the PIN number I need and won't be able to until morning. Yippe! I can play around on Facebook a bit more and head to bed. Maybe I'll have even greater thoughts next time. See ya!

March 11, 2009

The fast lane continues...

Oh, I bet you thought you'd never see me again! I've been at the computer too much with transcription that I don't just sit down to type anymore. Whew! What a hectic life the last few weeks anyway.

We are now "recovering" from our latest snowfall and cold temps, which the weatherman half-heartedly promises to be the last for the spring. I sure hope so. I do enjoy getting out snowmobiling, but I've had enough of that for the year too. It's time for the next sport...motorcycling, waterskiing...the warm kind of fun!

I've learned some new keyboard commands while working online and I'm even using them while typing this! Some of them are just Microsoft features, but the technology behind some of this transcription work is really quite amazing. The job I have is speech recognition editing. The company has since upgraded its format and my lines per hour should increase. This is a good thing since they've so nicely lowered everyone's cents per line rate because of this new technology. How sweet of them! But...the technology really is amazing. The system now has a "smart" aspect to it in that it actually recognizes any editing I do and will keep those edits for each individual doctor for the next time in the hopes of having less editing to do for each dictator everytime they speak. Hopefully this really does work. It seems to be and, thus, the job gets faster...more money!

I'd best go get some work done. By the way, anyone else becoming a Facebook junkie?? Isn't it amazing how hooked we can get snooping in on our friends through that little site. It is fun though. Maybe I'll save that topic for another day....

February 10, 2009

I didn't know what picture was going to load since I didn't have this named. It happens to be of the cake I made for Sierra's 2nd birthday and her looking ever so engrossed in how her dad is lighting the candles. Our little Spongebob Crabby Pants! Sierra is ever the skeptic.

My little Bean, sleeping so sweetly. These are the only times she is not extremely busy. She always want to bake, color, do crafts, play games, do puzzles...the list goes on!!! : ) The newest activity is to pick on her younger sisters! There's always a fight at our house.

You didn't notice the lapse, did you? : )

Goodness me! How long's it been since I've checked in here?

Since the last time I wrote I have been to Waconia, MN to a vintage snowmobile swap meet and ride. The event actually turned out to be fairly fun for the amount of time I spent at the place. My sister-in-law Lisa, her husband Glen, brother-in-law Marlin, father-in-law Dalles, and Larry and I each rode a "vintage" sled in the 11-mile ride that was held on Saturday, the 31st of January. Only Dalles, Larry, Lisa, and I made it back without breaking down, and Lisa, Dalles, and I actually did the course twice while the other guys spent some time fixing and being mad about having to fix. The joys of old machines! My sled was a Yamaha, by the way.

I do remember as a kid and teen having snowmobiles that we (my brother and I) would ride out to the middle of the field behind our farm yard. It seems we would always have to walk back home. For some reason those older sleds are just not that reliable. The newer models are so much nicer, and we actually can now go on rides that are many miles in length. Imagine! No walking home!

I came across a cool blog that some of you might appreciate. I like it because of its eccentricity I guess. It seems to house a little bit of information about anything and everything. I like that kind of thing since I just like to learn things merely for the sake of learning. I guess that's why I like trivia games and such. You just never know what I know...dumb stuff sometimes...but I learned it somewhere! : ) Try this 50 states quiz that is a part of his blog. It's fun to see how many states I can really remember! I missed 3 of them the first time I took this and so I'll need to try again just to see if I can master it. The web address is I think you could even click on this link to take it. I'll give it a try after I log out of my entry here. You get 10 minutes to name all 50 states. Sounds easy, but like I said, I forgot 3!!! That's irritating.

Well, I think I need to get to bed. Hannah has preschool tomorrow, so I'll be in town even though I don't work. Wednesday's are always busy days. I'm also hoping to make some more calls for my online work. I'm suddenly hitting dead ends here. I'll have to keep bugging! : ) I'm also really hoping we don't get any snow tonight. I'd rather just have the rain, even though icy roads are no fun. I'm just plain sick of snow!!!!!

January 27, 2009

Destiny with her cousin, Amy Miller--one of the many pics of them while driving somewhere.

Back again!

OK, I've been told I need to update! I warned at the beginning that I may not exactly be up-to-speed on this whole process.

The weeks have been flying by, yet nothing too exciting has been going on. I feel like I'm just always cleaning my house, chasing after kids, or running to town to get one of the kids. The joys of motherhood I guess. I would love to have a close girlfriend to go out and do things with just for lunch or on weekends. I do have Shauna (Faul) but she's always busy with her family and Michelle (Hammer) lives too far away as do Jenni and my other college buds. I'm praying for someone to hang out with again.

My goal this week is to get my job with Medware reinstated. I need to get the tech guys to call me so I can get hooked up with Dictaphone Turbo, a supposedly faster version of speech recognition. I am actually feeling ready to go as far as transcription is concerned. I can hardly wait to make more money! Again, a goal is to keep whittling away at debt. The debt calculators I've used online get me so excited to see big changes in my accounts. I sure hope we can do this. Now just to get Larry excited about paying bills instead of buying TVs! Anyone needing a boost should definitely stop at Dave Ramsey's website. I just love his stuff!

We will be heading to Waconia, MN this weekend (near Mpls) for a vintage snowmobile rally. I know, exciting as all get out...It's sure not Florida or Arizona, my choice for a vacation. Hopefully we will have fun. It will be nice just to get away from the kids and the house I guess. Larry's two sisters and their husbands will be meeting us there too as well as his mom and step-dad. Wish us luck on the vintage ride. I think we can only go about 30 mph so things can't get too dangerous. I have to keep a positive attitude. I'm going for Larry's sake because he loves these things so much. He went with me to Sturgis last year, so I owe him...

Let's see...not much else is new. I'm still working on getting Sierra's doctor to quit playing phone tag with me. I just wish we could be done with doctoring for her, but hopefully she will be on her way to growing out of the kidney problem. I'm believing!

Oh yeah. I'm still getting to the gym everyday. I see no changes in my body yet, but I'm going to have to keep going. I need to work on calorie reduction of course. That's the very toughest part. My goal in weight loss is 40 to 50 pounds. I have to keep my eyes on 5 at a time though or I'll surely get more discouraged than I already am about the whole process. I always have little "prizes" for myself when I reach my 5-pound goals. I haven't reached my first one yet : (

I'll possibly try to get more posted before the MN trip, but if not, I'll stop back in after we're back. : )

January 18, 2009

Day 2!

I'm actually logging in for a second time. I'm all on this! : )

Today was church, and things went pretty well despite having to keep Maci occupied during the service. I really like the Sunday school video we are watching called Epic by John Eldredge. I really wish my husband would have the desire to attend. I think he could be so fed and inspired. I'm really praying that he has a desire to know the Lord more. I could really see him winning souls for Christ if he just had the fire himself, because once he develops a passion for out! He doesn't give up the subject and he completely obsesses over it. Right now his passion is vintage snowmobiles. Maybe someday it will be Jesus.

A busy week is ahead of me. I will be working 3-1/2 days this week and Larry's uncle's funeral is on Thursday with the family service being held Wednesday night. Keep prayers going for the family. I am not able to say for certain that they are saved, but may they have God's peace throughout this.

If anyone is reading this, please pray for our financial health as well. We so need to get out of our huge debt load. I am really trying to make some changes, but needs always seem to come up. Our vehicle needs some attention now. What next! : ) I know it is God's will that people not be in bondage to debt. "The borrower is slave to the lender." We will get out of debt, but it will surely need to be with God's help. Right now we just need to get our monthly bills paid without having to go without food or electricity. That's not happening thus far, don't get me wrong, but we really need a financial breakthrough soon. There's just always way more month left at the end of the money.

Good night all!

January 17, 2009

A new thing!

I really can't believe I'm falling for the blog trap that everyone has seemed to have done. I have wanted to write more in a journal, however, and so maybe this is a way to do that without the pencil and paper taking up space in my already cluttered house.

Let's begin...I guess my current state of mind is that I'm really trying to see God's hand at work in my life and others' lives. I really do want to do more trusting and growing in the Lord. I want to be a better person, for real!

What I am learning is that there is so much growth to take place in my life. I am by far done becoming what God has planned for me. The hard part is that I'm not exactly sure yet what God does have planned for me. One step at a day at a time...that old learning curve.

So, here goes my first entry. Just a quick look into my head and heart thus far. Time will tell what happens next.