September 30, 2009

Possible Christmas picture?

Here's the latest of Larry's crazes...vintage snowmobiles. It is a good thing, I know, that he has a hobby and a passion...other than that he doesn't seem to be able to pull away from his passions to spend time with the family once in a while. I do try to be somewhat encouraging and share his excitement for the old sleds, but they really do just seem like crappy old junk to me. (Sorry, Lar)

Anyway, his latest goal has been to turn our grain elevator office into his own office/workshop since it is heated, and he could work out there through the winter. order to make his workship feel like home, he ordered pictures to be taken of the girls and us to decorate his walls. Awww, how cute! : ) Here is one of those pictures taken by Amy, our niece.

September 24, 2009

So fun!

I had a fun idea come to me at work today...Larry and I need to have another theme party this fall. Last year we had a vintage themed birthday party for Larry. That was so fun that I've decided a really cool one would be a Roaring 20's party! How cool would that be???? The ladies would wear their flapper dresses, headgear, and drink flask on their legs. The guys would wear their gangster gear of hats, zoot suits, and a machine gun. I can just picture it. The problem always comes with getting the idea to match the reality. I will, of course, use the assistance of my sister-in-law to help with the decorations so that this can turn out really cool.

By the way, if you're reading're invited! Keep an eye out for the mail, my friends. You should see an invitation coming. We'll have a great time!

Begin thinking speakeasies, silent movies, ragtime...Hee hee!

September 21, 2009


I must write once again...I'm sure you've noticed there is no picture to match the cute spiderweb cupcakes Hannah took to school. As I am not known for my patience, I gave up trying to figure out why my camera just plain stopped downloading the pictures to my computer. Maybe I'll get up the energy to try that again someday soon. The cupcakes really were cute! It may well be worth my time to sit at this blasted computer for yet another hour of my life just to show you.

Speaking of whiche, have you noticed how utterly addicted so many people are to their technology???? It's almost sad how many people cannot go a full 15-minute stretch without checking if someone sent them a text. What could possibly be SO important???? We would have all out panic and mania if cell companies would shut down. I mean, please, who is so incredibly important as to need their phone every minute of the day?! There are also people who must check Facebook every 15 minutes in between their cell fixes. Gone are the days of simply being...and not "worrying" if someone has tried to reach us. It used to be that people did not want to be reached. They go on little get aways, sans phones! I'm probably one of the most irritating people to my family because I actually do leave my phone in the car almost always. The way I see it, I've gone to Minot, Bismarck, etc. to get away and do something. I don't want to be bothered some more. I know...people might need something important. Right. When was the last real emergency on your phone???? : )

OK, enough ranting and raving. I'm off to dreamland I hope. I am pretty sure I could just get fired from my MT job. I only did an hour of work tonight. I'm just too worn out. (OK...then why are you up typing on a blog site?) Enough said. Good night all!

September 11, 2009

The first "official" snack

Today is the first time Hannah had to take snacks for her kindergarten class milk break. We saw a picture of spiderweb cupcakes in Country Living magazine, and she just had to have those for her class. It was actually pretty easy once I figured out what equipment worked best for making the webs. The cupcakes were just plain old cake mix, so you can't get much easier there. Ta da!

(My camera was not cooperating when I wrote this...picture to follow!)