September 30, 2009

Possible Christmas picture?

Here's the latest of Larry's crazes...vintage snowmobiles. It is a good thing, I know, that he has a hobby and a passion...other than that he doesn't seem to be able to pull away from his passions to spend time with the family once in a while. I do try to be somewhat encouraging and share his excitement for the old sleds, but they really do just seem like crappy old junk to me. (Sorry, Lar)

Anyway, his latest goal has been to turn our grain elevator office into his own office/workshop since it is heated, and he could work out there through the winter. order to make his workship feel like home, he ordered pictures to be taken of the girls and us to decorate his walls. Awww, how cute! : ) Here is one of those pictures taken by Amy, our niece.

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