January 18, 2009

Day 2!

I'm actually logging in for a second time. I'm all on this! : )

Today was church, and things went pretty well despite having to keep Maci occupied during the service. I really like the Sunday school video we are watching called Epic by John Eldredge. I really wish my husband would have the desire to attend. I think he could be so fed and inspired. I'm really praying that he has a desire to know the Lord more. I could really see him winning souls for Christ if he just had the fire himself, because once he develops a passion for something...watch out! He doesn't give up the subject and he completely obsesses over it. Right now his passion is vintage snowmobiles. Maybe someday it will be Jesus.

A busy week is ahead of me. I will be working 3-1/2 days this week and Larry's uncle's funeral is on Thursday with the family service being held Wednesday night. Keep prayers going for the family. I am not able to say for certain that they are saved, but may they have God's peace throughout this.

If anyone is reading this, please pray for our financial health as well. We so need to get out of our huge debt load. I am really trying to make some changes, but needs always seem to come up. Our vehicle needs some attention now. What next! : ) I know it is God's will that people not be in bondage to debt. "The borrower is slave to the lender." We will get out of debt, but it will surely need to be with God's help. Right now we just need to get our monthly bills paid without having to go without food or electricity. That's not happening thus far, don't get me wrong, but we really need a financial breakthrough soon. There's just always way more month left at the end of the money.

Good night all!

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