August 15, 2009


I just watched part of the FOX News show Glenn Beck and was very enlightened about the associations our President keeps. I know the country is abuzz over the healthcare industry rehab that is indeed needed, but everyone PLEASE listen up over what President Obama's core values are and the associations/advisors he keeps. This is truly a scary path our country is taking! If you can find archives of the Glenn Beck show from Saturday, August 15, please watch! I have never been so on fire about political and social issues as I am since Mr. Obama took office. I am utterly amazed at how quickly he has been able to "change" (his campaign slogan) this nation's laws. I have even contacted my own state Senators about the healthcare issue, and I am now seeing how crucial it is for EVERYONE to write, email, or call these people and express ourselves. They WILL NOT just do the right thing. They will do what gets them the job another term or earns them buddies in Washington. It's a far different world there than in the rest of the US. Don't assume anything. CONTACT them! : )

Of course, you may agree with his policies and beliefs. That is your choice, for sure. Please think through these issues very carefully, however, and logically conclude what happens to our nation as it is on its current course.

On a lighter note... : ) School is only 11 days away! Hannah begins kindergarten this year, and she is so very excited! I am also getting excited for the event just getting her ready with school clothes and supplies. Wouldn't it be fun to get that same joy and excitement about our days again?

Jae, of course, says she does not want school to start, but I am quite certain she is bored and ready to see her friends on a daily basis. I know I'm ready for the more organized home schedule that school seems to bring. Funny how all mothers are ready for school by August 15 but not kids! Hmmmm....

I am excited for a Beth Moore event that I'm planning to go to on August 28 and 29. She is so good to hear, and God truly uses her in awesome ways. I have no idea what the topic if the conference is, but I just know it will be good. If anyone else is interested it is being held in Carrington, ND at a Baptist church there. (I'm not sure of the name yet.) I can certainly get you lined up to go to it too if you wish. Just get in touch with me! She is not there live in person, however. This is just a teleconference, and it is of free will donation to those attending.

Off for now! Great day all!!!!

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