April 16, 2009

Odd times

It seems that things are really odd this year...this season. Just a few weeks back we were praying for Fargo to survive the flood taking place in the city, now it just happens that we have flooding here in Harvey too! I have never seen the amount of water flowing through the Sheyenne River like it is right now. Our very own yard had to be sandbagged too in order to hold back the water that seemed to be just coming up from the ground! We literally watched the water gurgle up like a freshwater spring. The house is OK and dry, but we sure do have tons of water in our yard.

Also, my condolences to the residents of Fessenden, ND. A fire destroyed two businesses on Main Street this evening and this will surely hurt the little town economically. It's just sad to see the little towns start to die off when bad things like this happen. It seems almost inevitable, but then again, maybe a new and exciting thing will come from it, similar to what happened for Krahler's Parts and Service. They fell to fire as well but now have a new location and a better business. God has plans!