January 27, 2009

Back again!

OK, I've been told I need to update! I warned at the beginning that I may not exactly be up-to-speed on this whole process.

The weeks have been flying by, yet nothing too exciting has been going on. I feel like I'm just always cleaning my house, chasing after kids, or running to town to get one of the kids. The joys of motherhood I guess. I would love to have a close girlfriend to go out and do things with just for lunch or on weekends. I do have Shauna (Faul) but she's always busy with her family and Michelle (Hammer) lives too far away as do Jenni and my other college buds. I'm praying for someone to hang out with again.

My goal this week is to get my job with Medware reinstated. I need to get the tech guys to call me so I can get hooked up with Dictaphone Turbo, a supposedly faster version of speech recognition. I am actually feeling ready to go as far as transcription is concerned. I can hardly wait to make more money! Again, a goal is to keep whittling away at debt. The debt calculators I've used online get me so excited to see big changes in my accounts. I sure hope we can do this. Now just to get Larry excited about paying bills instead of buying TVs! Anyone needing a boost should definitely stop at Dave Ramsey's website. I just love his stuff!

We will be heading to Waconia, MN this weekend (near Mpls) for a vintage snowmobile rally. I know, exciting as all get out...It's sure not Florida or Arizona, my choice for a vacation. Hopefully we will have fun. It will be nice just to get away from the kids and the house I guess. Larry's two sisters and their husbands will be meeting us there too as well as his mom and step-dad. Wish us luck on the vintage ride. I think we can only go about 30 mph so things can't get too dangerous. I have to keep a positive attitude. I'm going for Larry's sake because he loves these things so much. He went with me to Sturgis last year, so I owe him...

Let's see...not much else is new. I'm still working on getting Sierra's doctor to quit playing phone tag with me. I just wish we could be done with doctoring for her, but hopefully she will be on her way to growing out of the kidney problem. I'm believing!

Oh yeah. I'm still getting to the gym everyday. I see no changes in my body yet, but I'm going to have to keep going. I need to work on calorie reduction of course. That's the very toughest part. My goal in weight loss is 40 to 50 pounds. I have to keep my eyes on 5 at a time though or I'll surely get more discouraged than I already am about the whole process. I always have little "prizes" for myself when I reach my 5-pound goals. I haven't reached my first one yet : (

I'll possibly try to get more posted before the MN trip, but if not, I'll stop back in after we're back. : )

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