September 24, 2009

So fun!

I had a fun idea come to me at work today...Larry and I need to have another theme party this fall. Last year we had a vintage themed birthday party for Larry. That was so fun that I've decided a really cool one would be a Roaring 20's party! How cool would that be???? The ladies would wear their flapper dresses, headgear, and drink flask on their legs. The guys would wear their gangster gear of hats, zoot suits, and a machine gun. I can just picture it. The problem always comes with getting the idea to match the reality. I will, of course, use the assistance of my sister-in-law to help with the decorations so that this can turn out really cool.

By the way, if you're reading're invited! Keep an eye out for the mail, my friends. You should see an invitation coming. We'll have a great time!

Begin thinking speakeasies, silent movies, ragtime...Hee hee!

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