May 22, 2012


My first day off in sooo long is today! No school for me! No bank work for me! I will hopefully get some work around the house done, but that is the usual, I guess.

I'm still waiting on those chickens and have not gotten the email telling me they'll be here soon, but I think I have about two weeks to wait. I'm getting a bit nervous.

I also have a tilled garden now but can't plant it until it is worked another time. Our garden has been wet (flooded wet) for over three years now, so this will be its first crop in four years. I hope the soil will be productive. We may still have a water issue as puddles form after even the slightest rainfall, but I'll give it a whirl!

May 11, 2012

Final Countdown!

This is it! The last week of school for me! I'm excited for the end of a busy school calendar schedule and for more time to just BE. I am also looking forward to a suprise birthday party for a teaching colleague on Thursday after school. The theme is "Mad Scientist". This should be so exciting and fun, and I really hope he likes it. Maybe I'll remember to take pictures (I'm very bad at this task...) and post them later on.

I'm also in the planning stages of a trip to Hawaii. I am taking my mom to her dream destination sometimes at the end of September (if all goes well) to celebrate her 60th birthday. I was not really looking forward to this very much since I would really like to be going to Europe myself, but as the pictures flash by on my screen and the planning is progressing...I think I'm going to love this time. It will be a precious time for my mom and me to really bond.

I am on the mend from a bit of a heart break this week. A personal issue with a family member left me reeling a bit, but I am praying for a heart of forgiveness and complete restoration. God is good, and I will grow and mature through this I'm sure.

May all be well with you! : )

  So beautiful! It's starting to feel REAL!!!!

May 1, 2012

May Day!

Happy May Day!!! As spring slowly marches in, I am so thankful for the budding trees greening up our landscape and the gravel roads finally drying up from the ever soaking rains of the past couple of weeks. I am getting excited to have baby chicks in just a couple of weeks too. So much to look forward to for the summer.

My list of forward thinking events:

1. A possible mad scientist party?       
2. Jae's birthday
3. Hannah attending summer camp for the first time
4. County fair   Fair
5. Arranging a trip to Hawaii for my mom and me (I hope!)
6. Sierra beginning kindergarten in August
7. Jae's trip to Washington, DC in June and hopefully Asbury Camp
8. Chicken raising  
9. Hannah's 8th birthday in August
10. State Fair in July -- concert maybe?
11. Attending the ND Ladies Run in July (motorcycle rally)
12. Possible trip to Sturgis in August    

Hang on! It'll be a wild ride for the next few months. They'll certainly fly by. Oh, I also forgot to add that I'll be mowing lawn somewhere in between all of these events. : )