February 10, 2009

I didn't know what picture was going to load since I didn't have this named. It happens to be of the cake I made for Sierra's 2nd birthday and her looking ever so engrossed in how her dad is lighting the candles. Our little Spongebob Crabby Pants! Sierra is ever the skeptic.

My little Bean, sleeping so sweetly. These are the only times she is not extremely busy. She always want to bake, color, do crafts, play games, do puzzles...the list goes on!!! : ) The newest activity is to pick on her younger sisters! There's always a fight at our house.

You didn't notice the lapse, did you? : )

Goodness me! How long's it been since I've checked in here?

Since the last time I wrote I have been to Waconia, MN to a vintage snowmobile swap meet and ride. The event actually turned out to be fairly fun for the amount of time I spent at the place. My sister-in-law Lisa, her husband Glen, brother-in-law Marlin, father-in-law Dalles, and Larry and I each rode a "vintage" sled in the 11-mile ride that was held on Saturday, the 31st of January. Only Dalles, Larry, Lisa, and I made it back without breaking down, and Lisa, Dalles, and I actually did the course twice while the other guys spent some time fixing and being mad about having to fix. The joys of old machines! My sled was a Yamaha, by the way.

I do remember as a kid and teen having snowmobiles that we (my brother and I) would ride out to the middle of the field behind our farm yard. It seems we would always have to walk back home. For some reason those older sleds are just not that reliable. The newer models are so much nicer, and we actually can now go on rides that are many miles in length. Imagine! No walking home!

I came across a cool blog that some of you might appreciate. I like it because of its eccentricity I guess. It seems to house a little bit of information about anything and everything. I like that kind of thing since I just like to learn things merely for the sake of learning. I guess that's why I like trivia games and such. You just never know what I know...dumb stuff sometimes...but I learned it somewhere! : ) Try this 50 states quiz that is a part of his blog. It's fun to see how many states I can really remember! I missed 3 of them the first time I took this and so I'll need to try again just to see if I can master it. The web address is www.ironicsans.com/state22.html. I think you could even click on this link to take it. I'll give it a try after I log out of my entry here. You get 10 minutes to name all 50 states. Sounds easy, but like I said, I forgot 3!!! That's irritating.

Well, I think I need to get to bed. Hannah has preschool tomorrow, so I'll be in town even though I don't work. Wednesday's are always busy days. I'm also hoping to make some more calls for my online work. I'm suddenly hitting dead ends here. I'll have to keep bugging! : ) I'm also really hoping we don't get any snow tonight. I'd rather just have the rain, even though icy roads are no fun. I'm just plain sick of snow!!!!!