March 11, 2009

The fast lane continues...

Oh, I bet you thought you'd never see me again! I've been at the computer too much with transcription that I don't just sit down to type anymore. Whew! What a hectic life the last few weeks anyway.

We are now "recovering" from our latest snowfall and cold temps, which the weatherman half-heartedly promises to be the last for the spring. I sure hope so. I do enjoy getting out snowmobiling, but I've had enough of that for the year too. It's time for the next sport...motorcycling, waterskiing...the warm kind of fun!

I've learned some new keyboard commands while working online and I'm even using them while typing this! Some of them are just Microsoft features, but the technology behind some of this transcription work is really quite amazing. The job I have is speech recognition editing. The company has since upgraded its format and my lines per hour should increase. This is a good thing since they've so nicely lowered everyone's cents per line rate because of this new technology. How sweet of them! But...the technology really is amazing. The system now has a "smart" aspect to it in that it actually recognizes any editing I do and will keep those edits for each individual doctor for the next time in the hopes of having less editing to do for each dictator everytime they speak. Hopefully this really does work. It seems to be and, thus, the job gets faster...more money!

I'd best go get some work done. By the way, anyone else becoming a Facebook junkie?? Isn't it amazing how hooked we can get snooping in on our friends through that little site. It is fun though. Maybe I'll save that topic for another day....

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