January 13, 2010

New things

It is a new year, and I'm trying to accomplish things. I have typically tried something new every year for the last decade (or so) and need to come up with something once again! I have done anything from getting my CDL driver's license to hot air ballooning to having a baby. This year I think my goal for the year will be to sell garden produce this summer at a farmer's market or maybe even sell a quilted project at a craft fair. I'm still in the consideration phase...

My other new plan, but not so new since I've been trying for about 25 years, is to lose weight. I am failing miserably, I must say. My plan has been to lose 5 pounds per month for the last three. I have successfully lost/gained...ZERO. I guess at least I am not gaining, right? My metabolism just plain stinks. I have been very faithful about going to the gym for at least 20 minutes a day, and NOTHING! Ugh.

My third new thing is that I finally finished my January quilted wall hanging. Phew! Now I need to buy the fabrics to get started on a February runner from that same pattern book. I should have that done by February 2011... : )

The next new thing is that Destiny is living in the area again! Shocking! Hopefully she likes her new job. It should be exciting being in the salon atmosphere and being a part of all of the dolling up that women do each day. I am sure she is sorely disgusted with me since I am so NOT that type of woman. I'd really like to be prettier, but all that work on appearance just does not interest me. Maybe that can be another "new" thing for me...try to be more appearance conscious.

Let's see...more newbies...Well, I'm still waiting on Sierra and Maci to be potty trained. That's another miserable failure. It seems to be taking forever. I absolutely cannot wait for the days of no diapers! Speaking of which, Sierra is just standing by me asking for her to be changed. Sigh...

Goodbye all. Have a great day, and go and start something NEW today! : )