July 7, 2012

All's Well...

     Here it is, mid July! Well, the chickens arrived (all 25 + 1 extra)! The one extra did not survive the first two days; however, all of the others are doing great. They are nearly 5 weeks old already, and my girls absolutely LOVE these chickens. It's so fun to watch them constantly trying to catch them. Of course, we are all growing a little too attached to them, I fear. We love to hug them for heaven's sake! The dogs (Lincoln especially) are also fond of them, but for a different reason. They'd love to have a snack if just given a chance. : )

     As the time has flown by, we've taken in the Wells County Fair and several trips to the dentist. We still have a big dental procedure for Maci to take place at the end of the month. Hopefully we can all be OK during that! The next big thing for us would be our family vacation. I've been trying to purposefully take a week off each summer so that we do SOMETHING. Otherwise, NOTHING seems to happen by way of pleasureful outings with the kids. I have placed the planning in Larry's hands, so I can't even tell you where or what we'll be doing. Therefore, a mystery date is line!

     Part of my last day of vacation time will involve me going on a motorcycle journey, however. My friend Michelle and I are taking in the North Dakota Ladies Run which heads to Wahpeton this year. I have never done this before, so I'm hoping it's a good time. It'll be nice to just get away with Michelle and do some riding. I'll try to keep you posted!