December 30, 2010


More snow....ugh! I even checked flight prices to get the heck out of ND, but, alas, the price is too high. They were all from $480 and up. I was hoping for one of those cheap Allegiant Air flights of $29 one way to Phoenix and then booking two seats, one for me and another for Michelle. I guess I'll be putting up with the snow. Pooh.

December 19, 2010

Slow down!

Woah!!! Finally to Sunday night. The last week was so busy with concerts, work, Christmas parties, weddings, etc. that I am really hoping that this week is a chance to slow down a bit for some relaxation.

The wedding of Carissa and Jake was very nice this weekend. A big congrats to them!!! They seem very happy and are so cute together. It was great to see some Kansas friends and just to visit with Shauna and Telli again. I miss my friends so much sometimes!!!

Now, off to the new week. Work, work, then off for a couple of days....then Christmas!!! : ) Yippee! I'm excited for the weekend's activities.

December 13, 2010

I'm here again!

Can you believe I have written so many days in a row? Wow!

Hannah's concert was cute tonight. I'm gearing up for a crazy, busy week to follow. Hopefully our Saturday night will be relaxing as we go to a friend's wedding and hang out at a hotel in Fargo. It'll be fun to go away again.

Happy Monday night all!

December 12, 2010

Mmm good!

I finally did a wee bit of baking for the season. First off I mixed up the sugar cookie dough, which is refrigerating as I write. Then I made a pumpking roll, part of which we have already eaten! Now I have to motivate myself to get off my chair to roll out those sugar cookies and bake them. I think my energy is waning. I need to finish some sewing and do my week's lesson plans too. So...I don't think I'll get everything done, but I'd best be off and away.

I hope everyone's weekend was great. Christmas concert tomorrow! Yippee for the season! Hannah's practicing right beside me, so I've got a sneak preview of the big event. Kids get so excited for their concerts that it's just motivating. She also gets to wear a new dress that her Grandma Johnson and aunt Lisa bought for her. We haven't seen it yet, but she's excited to get something fancy and new. : )

December 11, 2010


Hannah made her teacher ornaments and dipped spoons. I hope these are decent enough gifts for everyone. It almost seems a bit cheap, but I got coffee mugs for all the teachers and had Hannah make a homemade ornament and dip a spoon in chocolate to include with the mug for coffee. I may have to buy some Starbucks Via packets to include with them. I'm not sure yet. Hmmm....

I'd like to tackle cookie making tomorrow. I just don't like that the little girls want to help and end up making my job even messier and longer. I know, I know. It's how they learn. But...I need more patience! : ) I would really like to have some spritz cookies and soft sugar cookies though, so I'll have to get busy.

December 10, 2010


It's finally looking like Christmas at my house! The tree has been decorated and other little decorating touches have been placed around the house. The girls have opened their yearly Christmas ornament and poem, and the tree is looking beautiful. I do believe this is the best tree we've had ever. It's beautiful...and I'm not a decorator. I did it without Lisa! : )

The pictures do not do justice. Really. It does look good, I promise!

December 8, 2010

Potty trained!

WE ARE DONE WITH DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so incredibly awesome to be able to say! I worried (and I'm not really a worrier usually!) that Sierra just would not do this, but WE ARE THERE!!! All people in my household now wear panties (or underwear if they're men). Yippee!!
Man, does time fly! I haven't even looked at my site since August. Now that's bad!!!

Just some thought loosening tonight. Am I wrong to expect more out of teenagers than really bad language and secret lives? I'm really disappointed in someone right now. I guess I expected a lot better behavior from a Christian teen. Just not sure what to do. So many young girls use language, post pictures, and watch things that are so out of their league. Should parents be told? Should we ignore this, and it'll go away? Just not sure...