May 20, 2009


I'm touching base with everyone just so you don't think I'm lost for a month again. I am writing this late at night, as you can see, and I'm really quite tired tonight. I think I'll work another half hour or so and then head to bed. I've got some time to make up for being so lazy these last couple of days, but I guess I do have a few more days in the week to much for getting ahead in my house cleaning!

I got to mow the lawn for the first time this year just yesterday. The wind was wild, but I got the job done. Our yard is still about 45% to 55% under water. The great thing about that cuts down on my mowing time!!!! No more 6-7 hour day of mowing right now. I got it done in just 3, I think. That's really kind of nice.

The down side to the water, however, is that I am unable to get into my garden spot and plant a garden : (, which I really wanted to do this year too. All winter I really had been quite excited about having fresh corn, potatoes, peppers, and such. I wanted to try growing brussels sprouts for the first time. I even had the really wild idea of selling some vegetables at the local farmers market. Alas, maybe I'll get some last minute things in the ground by June 1st if, by great chance, the ground dries up. It really is not looking hopeful since the water is of about 3 to 4 inches in depth still. Again....there is an upside in the fact that I will have less work this summer. Woo Hoo!!! Maybe I'll just lay on a hammock all summer having my girls peel me grapes. : )

Yeah, I'll keep you posted on that!!!

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