March 24, 2010


I'm sticking to it!!!!...well, for the third day in a row anyway. I am trying to lose the 50 pounds I've wanted to lose for the last...well, forever. I am going to go with Denise Austin's advice for walking 12 miles a week and also doing her workouts (12-minute sessions). So far I've done them, and I am actually stiff muscled so it must be doing something! : ) Today was tough! I biked 3 miles and the 1-1/2 miles back against the wind was NOT FUN.

I'm trying to stick to my tithing too! That also is not going to be easy because this is a tough pay period once again. We've got way more expenses than money...always!!! What is with that???

The work in my house is so sickening! When, oh when, will the girls stop dropping EVERYTHING on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand a mess anymore. I want so much to be able do the deeper down cleaning like wall washing, windows, and cupboard washing, but I am just constantly sweeping and picking up toys. Ugh! is my theme today. Not much else of interest in my head right now. Sorry! Until next time....get to work!!! : )

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