June 2, 2013

My, oh my!

My, oh my! Time has gone by much faster than I even noticed. The last post was in JANUARY!!! Where in the world have I been?

Summer has FINALLY, well, kind of, arrived here in ND. We at least got rid of the snow from the ground. That is an incredibly great feat considering what our March and April were like. I, for one, absolutely dread the thought of another winter day. So...on to summer!

My goals for the summer are really pretty simple. I'd like to actually spend some time on my new lawn furniture under my gazebo, take a road trip somewhere out of the state, sew on some projects, and get the girls to do a little more helping out around the house. Not too much to ask for this year, I don't think.

Enjoy the end of spring/beginning of summer, all!

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