August 29, 2016

God is Good!

It has been nearly forever since I last wrote on this blog, and I really kind of forgot I ever wrote on it, to be honest. However, as I read back over entries, it amazes me how God has provided, has worked, and has blessed! My last post talked about two dreams I had of going to Maui and Italy. Well, BOTH of those things have since happened! How amazing is that???!!! I would definitely recommend a trip to both places and would love to return to those places as well. As a matter of fact, I could see myself living in Italy for short periods. It's just so beautiful, historical, and amazing. No doubt!

A second dream (or 3rd technically) is that I now own my own business! I had written about a quilt store, which would still be a really cool thing; however, I opened a natural health store in Harvey just 9 months ago. God had put the plan in motion way back in 2009 to do something different. I can't even believe it actually has come to fruition. I am needing to be busier than I am; however, I do believe God allowed this to happen, so He will provide or show me what to do instead/next.

Sigh...what a cool thing to discover. My own thoughts!

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