February 14, 2010

Valentine treats

I have had a really good Valentine's weekend! To start it off, Joel and Destiny came over and made supper for everyone. That is the best thing EVER!!!! To have someone do the cooking and dishes was so super! I have wanted that for a very long time. Thanks guys!! The meal was awesome and so was the conversation.

Saturday I rode along beside a snowmobile run. (I didn't have a snowmobile so I had to be in a pickup.) The weather was absolutely horrible, but everyone on the run seemed to have a lot of fun, and in the end I really did have a good time. It was nice to get out of my house and just socialize. I think I really needed that!

Tonight Larry and I are going to a Valentine supper of prime rib at our church. I don't what the "entertainment" portion is, but I'm sure it will be a nice little getaway as well.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have given my girly sweethearts a tumbler with candy in it, and they love it! I don't think the candy will last through the day...as usual! Sweets for the sweet!

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